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PiPlay Platform is same as a console in which you may connect and manage your VR devices easily, download its games, apps and videos. It’s also compatible with SteamVR games and apps. You may enjoy smooth and shocked virtual reality experience after connecting Pimax headset to PC with just making simple setup.

Change Info

Release Date:2017/09/08
File Size:338.50MB

detailed tutorial before this patch update

New version features

  • 1. New UI: Simple and friendly.
  • 2. Optimized content source that will be updated continuously.
  • 3. Added an alert of device connection status.
  • 4. Added games and Movies categories, tags, search function and detail pages.
  • 5. Added a function of Magnetism Calibration (hand and auto) to optimize drift/yaw issue.
  • 6. Optimized installation procedure and speed.