1. Assist us to formulate product technical parameters, and convert them to optical system parameters.
2. Research realizable optics and auxiliary tech solutions.
3. Modeling, design and optimization about optical system.
4. Trial and measurement for prototype of optical system.


1. Optics major and related, recent graduates with Master and above.
2. Strong optics knowledge that includes imaging system, illuminating system, geometrical optics, physical optics, optical material, optical-mechanical structure, etc.
3. In-depth knowledge about related optical display tech and component, including LCD, OLED, LCoS, Backlight, Laser, LED, SLM, Diffraction optics, Optical thin film, etc.
4. Skillful usage about Zemax, CodeV, FRED, LightTools, ASAPm, etc. and modeling software.
5. Know intervention and imaging quality testing well, the ability of building and using detection system is preferred.
6. Know Spectroradiometry, Colorimetry, Visual optics well.
7. Good communication and collaboration ability.

Job Description:

1. Base on the product design to develop front-end applications of mobile, PC and match with front page of mainstream browsers.
2. In charge of the related requirements of product and achievement of front-end program, provide reasonable front-end framework.
3. Compile reusable UI components.


1. 3+ year relevant work experience.
2. Master HTML5 and CSS3, independently develop apps that are compatible with mobile Safari, Chrome and UC, achieve kinds of interaction effect.
3. Use basic front-end debug tools and write code skillfully, programme CSS structure accurately.
4. Master JS, JSON, use Jquery, Zepto, Iscroll, BackBoneJS, AngularJS frameworks skillfully and compile AJAX interactive program together with backend developers.
5. Excellent programming ability, well habit and working attitude, team spirit, passion, creativity and responsibility.
6. Good insight and attention for HTML5 field, rising Web standard and Web tendency, eager to learn.